Why the National Space Program?

The Goals of the National Space Programme

•    Development of required technologies, infrastructures and skills in space domain
•    Reducing the dependence of our country on foreign resources
•    Planning and oversight of utilization of space technologies as a driver for national development 
•    Advancing the accomplishments and available technological base in space domain via sustainable indigenous technological development
•    Contributing to all mankind thorough science, technology and experience
•    Increasing the awareness of Turkish people with special attention to young people

Why is the National Space Programme Important?

•    National Space programmes have high costs attached to them. However, the manifold benefits of these programmes justify their costs. The most prominent benefits are increased international recognition, influence in international relations and propagation of technological development to other sectors. 
•    National space programmes act as a multiplier when the value of geographical location, technological capabilities, indicators of economic development, international cooperation capacity and international recognition are considered.
•    Space activities inflame innovation and discoveries in other sectors through the propagation of technological development and spin-offs to these sectors. When viewed from this perpective, space programmes are not limited to space domain, but rather act as a driver for increased efficiency and employment in all sectors.
•    Although, space programmes still bring international recognition, they are now being developed considering their economic benefits. Space activities have ceased to solely be tools of worldwide recognition, but become activities that also affect lives of citizens and produce nationwide added value.
•    The lives of people are now much easier thanks to space activities.
•    As a direct consequence of the development of high capability operational small satellites, remote sensing has started to reshape and optimize critical processes in agriculture and many other areas.
•    Especially, through the capabilities provided by the remote sensing satellites, natural resources, transportation networks and agricultural areas can be tracked in real-time; and intelligence necessary for national security can be gathered.
•    Communication satellites are effectively used for providing global communication and television broadcast. Besides, in the near future, high speed internet all around the world will be provided by satellites.
•     High precision position and time information is provided all around the world at high speed by satellites.